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Solar Thermal Water Heating

reduce your energy bills the natural way

Using the warmth of the sun is an excellent way to heat your water and reduce your dependency on traditional energy such as oil, gas or LPG for hot water heating.

Solar Thermal Water HeatingBalsham Boilers are experienced in fitting Grant Solar Thermal systems for a range of customers throughout Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area so whether the system is for a small domestic property or large industrial building, even with the average sunshine levels in the UK you can typically expect to save up to 70% on your annual hot water heating bill.

How does it work?

Solar thermal is one of the cleanest and most sustainable methods heating hot water. The basic principle is very straight forward. If you think about a garden hose that’s been left on the ground in direct sunlight, after a short while the water within the hose will become hot. Solar thermal collectors work in a similar way, heating the solution in the tubes – only more efficiently!

The roof-mounted solar collectors are then connected to a system containing a special glycol/water solution. The heated solution then gets circulated from the panel to a cylinder where the heat from the tube containing the solution is transferred to produce your hot water.

In the winter months when there is less sunshine and there may not be sufficient sunlight to fully heat all of your water needs, the system is switched back to the conventional heating system to bring the water up to temperature.

Where are the panels installed?

Balsham Boilers will carry out a full site survey to asses the suitability of Solar Thermal Panels on your building. The panels (collectors) can be installed on sloping roofs either mounted on top of the roof or mounted in to the roof flush with the tiles/slates or on to a flat roof. Each panel is made from high quality self-cleaning glass which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Who can have Solar Thermal Panels?

The vast majority of people would be able to have Solar Thermal Panels installed and start benefiting from the reduced heating bills as well as being kinder to the environment. We are often asked if planning permission is needed, in nearly all cases the answer is no, however please check with your local planning officer. See also http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/solarpanels/ for guidelines.

Download the Solar Thermal Heating Brochure

Solar Finance

If you would prefer to finance your solar installation rather than pay for everything upfront, we have an agreement with Shermin Finance who will work with you to arrange personal finance. Click to find out more about solar finance.

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