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Boiler finance and other plumbing finance

At Balsham Boilers Ltd we understand that customers may prefer to finance their boiler or plumbing services, rather than having to pay for everything in one upfront cost.

There are many reasons for this, although we offer the best possible prices on our services and materials, a boiler is still an expensive item and it may need replacing at a time that is financially not convenient for you. Alternatively you may want a luxury bathroom but the budget you have set aside is not quite enough – what ever the reason, we would like to help you.

Balsham Boilers Ltd have a partnership agreement with Shermin Finance (Hitachi Personal Finance), who will be able to work with you arrange a personal loan directly, enabling you to cover the costs of your boiler or plumbing repair or installation from Balsham Boilers Ltd.

To find out more and to use the loan calculator, please click the image below.